Wecome to Prairie Hill Puppies
At Prairie Hill Puppies all of our breeding stock are AKC registered and are proven by DNA that they are purebred.

The Ultimate Clean-House Guide for Dog Owners
Are having a clean home and a dog mutually exclusive? The answer is no—you can absolutely have a clean, fresh home even with a dog or even multiple pets.

Caliraw - Optimal Nutrition For Dogs
15 benefits of raw feeding, 10 reasons to quit kibble, Benefits of salmon oil, Most common raw feeding mistakes, 8 myths about raw feeding for dogs.

CBD Oil for Dogs
CBD oil for dogs is becoming a hot topic with more and more pet owners beginning to see how much CBD can help. It may surprise you, but using cannabis to treat animals is not new; Ancient Greeks used cannabis to treat their horses for everything from colic to battle wounds.

NuVet Labs
Protect your pet for life with Pet Vitamins. For Dogs and Cats Scientifically formulated to provide everything your pet needs for perfect health. This unique formula consists of precise amounts of vitamins,minerals and high-potency antioxidants that when combined,create a synergistic and powerful boost to the immunesystem.

More than Emotional Support
How Support Animals Improve Recovery from Substance Use Disorders
Having a support animal can have a positive impact on people who are in recovery for substance addiction. This is especially true of pet dogs, which are both helpful and natural companions for humans. Scientists researching the human-companion animal bond have found that by simply being in the presence of a pet, you can improve your general state of mental, social and physiological health. ​​​1 Dogs, in particular, have been known to help humans ease stress.

Do All Animals Need to Sleep?
Check out these links to that question...
Do All Animals Need to Sleep?
How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?
How Much Sleep Do Cats Need?
How To Choose A Dog Bed?

Guide to flying with pets
Considering the numerous reports of airline pet scandals in 2018 and policy changes taking place this year, it's now more important than ever to know how to safely fly with your pet. We created a guide that provides the most updated information on pet travel restrictions for every airline, including emotional support and service animals. Our guide provides helpful information on every aspect of pet travel, such as: • Pet-friendly airport and relief locations • Pet health requirements for each state • Travel rewards and programs offered for flying with your pet

Keep Your Pets Safe From Tick Bites this Summer
Summer has arrived, which means outdoor fun with your favorite four-legged friend—hikes in the woods, walks on the beach, and runs in the park. But unfortunately for humans and pets alike, spending an abundance of time outdoors during the summer can have a pesky downside: tick bites.

Pet Disaster Preparedness
Pet Disaster Preparedness for Renters & Homeowners: A Complete List

Pet Cleaning
An article on cleaning your pets.

Advanced Billing Consultants
Todays healthcare and insurance issues can make running a profitable medical practice difficult. Complicated claims, slow approvals, processing medical records and accessing updates and changes from reimbursement sources can slow the pace of your practice.

Canine Cooler
Canine Cooler - 4less offers high quality cooler beds that can provide cool spot for your pet to lie down to beat the heat. These are not just your ordinary cushioned pet bed. These cool beds are made from soft yet durable materials that will give comfy life to your dog.
Do you love Chihuahua puppies! So do we! Find the perfect pet at

Dogs For Sale
Get free search for local dog breeders and international dog breeders with cute puppies for sale and dogs for sale and find over 200 purebred dog breeds on dog breed directory

Coton de Tulear Puppies For Sale
Renaissance Cotons

Bob Burrud's Pet Services
Training your pet can and should be fun for both ends of the leash, and one that strengthens your bond.

Gardner Education: Plants Toxic To Pets
Most people that have pets consider them to be a part of the family. People with pets want to make sure that they are happy and healthy at all times. One thing that can make your pet very sick is exposure to plants that can be toxic to them.

Make Your Pet Safe with Pet ID Name Tags
Pet health and safety articles and tips plus pet safety products with lifetime guarantees

365 Pet Insurance
We have a list of pet resources that will help new and veteran pet owners alike when it comes to breed-specific information, tips on traveling with your pet, pet health, pet emergency numbers and information and behavior and training best practices and tips. - Where the Natural Pets Shop Online!
#1 Family Health Resource: Focusing on Natural Pet Care, Nutrition, Wellness & Longevity, Holistic Alternatives for Dog and Cat Issues, Tips, Recipes, Home Business Ideas, Blog and More

Pet Products and Gifts from Precious Pet's Paradise
Unique pet products and gifts from Precious Pets Paradise for your dogs, cats and other precious pets we all love!
The Pet Happy Home Specialists, is a Pet Owners Resource Guide. We provide valuable information for pet owners who have had, or, currently experiencing a pet(s) with urination behavioral problems. Our visitors receive useful and helpful information from our web site

Puppy for Sale
Find the perfect loving companion at We list high quality ethical dog breeders that have loving puppies for sale, so visit us today and find the perfect place for your new pet by breed, as well as hundreds of pages of information about dog breeds, breeders and health.

Southern California Cockapoos
Family Love Kennel is a small family owned kennel. Because the Cockapoo is half Poodle, it does not have fur, rather it has hair. It does not shed. So all my friends with allergies can come to our home again

Directory Of Professional Dog Pooper Scooper Service Businesses
World's Largest Independent Directory Of Professional Dog Waste Cleaning Service Providers. Hundreds of professional pet poop cleanup and removal businesses listed in this comprehensive database. List your dog pooper scooper company today

Floor Mats
We have an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor floor mats to increase safety and protect floors.

Painting Reproductions
Top Rated Reproductions

Bulldog Puppies
Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Dog Beds
Superior quality orthopedic large dog beds and designer dog beds at discount prices recommended by vets and breeders for over a decade. Visit the online dog bed outlet.

Horses for Sale Online
Horses for Sale Online

Xtreme Comfort Harnesses
World's best selling humane leashes, collars and accessories featuring comfort grip handle and shock absorbent material to save owner and dog from constant jerking motion

Pet Pens
Digi It Pet offers quality pet products including dog crates, exercise pens, pee pads and natural dog treats

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Groomingdales Express

supports the dog and cat vitamins product to help combat the onslaught of free radicals in our companion pets. This unique formula consists of precise amounts of vitamins, minerals and high-potency antioxidants that when combined, create a synergistic and powerful boost to the immune system. Many of Groomingdales Express clients currently use and enjoy the results seen in their pets lives.

NuVet Plus

Super Savings Save 15% every time you Order? When placing your order online or over the phone add the Autoship program when you checkout . When using the Autoship program it provides the convenience of having your Dog and Cat Vitamins delivered to your door on a regular basis without having to remember to call and place an order. You select the products you need and the frequency of shipping, we ship to 48 contiguous states in USA. Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 800-474-7044 #14665